From entry level to board level you can reach an audience of passive and active jobseekers in seconds. Advertise your vacancies, recruitment activity and workplace with photos and videos. Receive applications like never before from views, likes, shares and followers. Recruitment advertising has never been faster, easier, better value or more effective.


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Jobs Direct has the UK’s largest network of Facebook job pages with a reach of over 31 million people in the UK.

Reach a real-time captive audience of pre-qualified job seekers in any given location.

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No more time consuming forms to fill out and jobs by email services clogging up your email inbox.

Search and “Like” our local Facebook pages and be the first to find out about jobs and recruitment news in your area.

Our pages will notify you about the latest job posts, job fairs, employment opportunities and more. Welcome to the new way to find the right career with Jobs Direct.


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How is Jobs Direct different?

a recruitment marketing solution that utilises the power and reach of social networks to engage with a real-time captive audience of pre-qualified local job seekers.

  • 250+ local UK Facebook pages connecting to 60% of the population
  • Highly targeted to the right people
  • Reach passive and active candidates
  • Gain referrals quickly with shares and likes
  • Advertise your jobs in a different way with images and videos
  • Expert support team
  • Low cost, fast results
  • Unrivalled candidate and employer interaction
  • Future proof your recruitment


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