Ad serving.

Advertise on Job Boards, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Advertising on job boards is easy.

Our two hundred media partners offer a unique and unrivalled advertising reach for your vacancies with high value media buying on leading branded job boards.

  • Dedicated Account Manager.

  • Media buying and advice.

  • Job posting.

  • Campaign management.

  • Full reporting and anaylsis.


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Facebook marketing.

Target a local audience with our social media marketing platform. Reach active and passive candidates.

Jobs Direct offer a unique marketing opportunity built inside the Facebook page network. We have over two hundred and fifty jobs pages dedicated to advertising jobs, events and employment opportunities. We have over two million active users of our pages and growing rapidly.

Promote an event.

Create a recruitment event on our Facebook marketing platform and easily invite people to attend.

  • Target a local audience of job seekers.

  • Promote the event nationwide through our Facebook jobs page network.

  • Full campaign analysis and reporting.


Employer videos.

Publish a video on Youtube and Facebook.

  • Enhance your employer brand and increase traffic to your careers website or employment opportunities.

  • Promote your business to a local audience and build brand awareness.

  • Full campaign analysis and reporting.


Instagram marketing.

Create powerful Instagram advertising campaigns.

  • Create stunning content that really stands out.

  • Use our tools to leverage the power of Instagram advertising.

  • Manage the campaign and candidate communication if required.

  • Find job seekers through advanced targeting.


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