Primary Goal is a digital industries apprenticeship training provider working with schools and businesses.

For our work in schools, our primary goal is to embed the use of technology in education by providing Teacher’s Apprentices who can support the use of IT in the curriculum across all subjects and maintain technology equipment and resources.

A Teacher's Apprentice role will reinvigorate the technology offer at your school by:

  • Acting as a link to your remote SLA IT support
  • Working onsite with teachers to plan the use of devices across the curriculum, then co-deliver these sessions
  • Preparing technology prior to the session and ensuring the work is saved post sessions
  • Establishing and delivering extra-curricular clubs linked to technology (e.g. coding, Minecraft, Lego, Mini-Geek Squad)

Your Teacher's Apprentice will be the key to:

  • Resolving your daily onsite IT support issues, maintaining your technical hardware and installing relevant software, all whilst mentored remotely by experienced technicians
  • Providing a continuous audit of your IT infrastructure and monitoring of your hardware and software
  • Maintaining your website and social media presence in school
  • Proposing new ideas and techniques for continued best practice, gained from them attending industry leader training and Primary Goal apprentice network events
  • Developing our future technology leaders with the launch of the Mini-Geek Squad to offer practical and real-life experiences to learners in your school
  • Increasing learner confidence and motivation by collecting technology accredited badges