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Peter has been writing creative recruitment communications for longer than he cares to remember and has been involved in running some of the UK's leading recruitment operations, handling some of the biggest global names. But he's never lost his interest and skills in copywriting, now finding it one of the most rewarding aspects of the industry. He can write for any medium, any sector and - having worked in Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Career Transition, in addition to recruitment, he is capable of seeing things from virtually any perspective. He's also fully up-to-speed on key web-related elements, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the pitfalls of words and phraseology which might contravene Equal Opportunities, to ensure that your recruitment communications hit the target, not people's sensitivities.

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Follow our simple does and dont's

Writing an online job advertisement needed be daunting/boring/time consuming. With these tips you will be ready to write an advertisement that is oozing with creativity and really sells the role. Follow our Dos and Don’ts for the fastest route to a comprehensive online advertisement.


  • Do use keywords.
  • Do keep the role specification succinct.
  • Do mention the reporting hierarchy.
  • Do make the person specification the most important part of the advert.
  • Do highlight as many benefits as possible.
  • Do mention the salary. Only saying “attractive salary” is proven to be less effective.
  • Let your company’s personality shine through in the advert. You want people who feel affinity with your culture.
  • Do ensure your application process is clear and easy. You do not want to lose good applicants on the premise that they got lost navigating the application.


  • Don't just copy and paste the job description.
  • Don't use Company jargon that people outside your office walls won't understand.
  • Don't make the advertisement too long - 330 word length is just about right. Anything else and you run the risk of boring your target.
  • Don't talk about the organisation in too much detail. Highlight the main points only.
  • Don't be overly demanding of your applicants. You don't want to detract applicants who may be well suited.
  • Don't use clichés or repetition! The last thing you want is a tedious advert that says unnecessary things or states the obvious.

3 steps to systematic SEO

Get organised; get optimised.

Search Engine Optimisation is process of improving the visibility of a website, web page or, in this case, a job advertisement in a search engine’s “natural” search results. The better the SEO the higher up the search results your job advertisement will appear and the more candidates will find it.

SEO is vital for job advertisements on the Internet because it increases their visibility and the ease of finding them. If someone it looking for a job, they want to find it easily. A huge 91% of Internet users use search engines and over 250 million searches are carried out every day in the UK. In order to maintain levels of relevance, recruiters must use effective SEO in their advertisements.

How to SEO in 3 easy steps

1 Know your keywords and use them.

Don’t underestimate the power of keywords and phrases. Google loves important words, the words that your candidates will be searching for. Make sure you put enough keywords into the body of the advertisement – this should include the job title, industry and any relevant skills. 10 mentions will be more than enough, but 3-4 will work well.

2 Use keywords everywhere even in the URL

Don’t just reserve your keyword if your job advert is for a project manager, add the word project manager in the url. Make it easy for search engines to detect word boundaries by using dashes to separate the words.

3 Don’t over do the keywords stuffing

There are lots of opportunities to get keywords into the job advertisement, but try not to overdo it. Adding too many of the same keyword i.e. more than 10 is called Keyword Stuffing and Google doesn’t like it.

Advertisement style guide

Reflecting your brand in your job advertisements

Ask yourself:

Has the organisation got a formal employer brand?

Does it have specific values and a defined culture?

If the answers are yes, then follow these simple branding rules:

  1. Work with your Marketing and/or Communications team to establish some recruitment descriptions and phrases that reflect the brand/values/culture within the context of recruitment communications.
  2. Standardise your phrases as practically as possible for every piece of communication – you won’t build a brand without consistency.
  3. Get the support of your senior management. It is very difficult to establish the brand without your bosses’ full and active backing.
  4. You don’t need to be formal if that isn’t your style. Most organisations these days would probably claim to have a friendly, informal, people-centred approach.
  5. To inject some friendliness/intimacy into your advertisement, write in the first and second person (we; you, etc).
  6. Make sure that the line manager has input into the content of the advertisement. They will know the role inside out so will have the best insight before bringing in the brand aspects.